New Year Reflections

To be frank, 2021 was a rough year for me personally.

While I’m typically not a big “new year” person, the idea of a fresh start in 2022 is appealing.

As we move into this new year, I’ve had some time to reflect on some lessons I learned in 2021.

Here is an abbreviated version of them:

  • It’s okay to rest, and you don’t have to feel guilty for not being productive all the time
  • Always expecting the worst is a self-protection mechanism, but it’s okay to be cautiously optimistic
  • Most things work out in your favor, if you choose to believe it
  • Stay in the present because it’s all we have
  • Take a moment to breathe and process your thoughts before responding emotionally
  • Empathy without boundaries can be self-sabotage
  • You are more than what you “do”
  • Tell those you love that you love them as much as possible
  • Self-acceptance is key

How are you all feeling as we move into 2022?

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