I Get To…

It’s crazy how reframing can change our outlook and approach to things.

Reframing is “a way of changing the way you look at something, and thus, changing your experience of it.” – Elizabeth Scott, MS

However, not everything can be “reframed.”

As humans, we unavoidably encounter difficult experiences – loss, grief, trauma, etc.

Sometimes, allowing ourselves to feel the full range of emotions and entertaining negative thought patterns is a necessary part of healing.

For example, anger is one of the 7 stages of grief. Allowing ourselves to feel angry because of grief can be cathartic.

However, reframing can be a great tool to shift our mindset.

It is important to distinguish reframing from toxic positivity.

Toxic positivity pressures us to be happy and grateful even when we are struggling.

On the other hand, reframing is a mindset-shifting technique to see a silver lining – no matter how small.

Here are some examples of reframing:

You can reframe the thought, “I have to go to work.” to “I get to go to work.” This doesn’t downplay the stress and exhaustion that comes from working, but enables us to honor the fact that having a job and the ability to earn an income is a privilege.

Reframe the thought, “I have to cook dinner.” to “I get to cook dinner.” This doesn’t downplay how frustrating having to prep, cook, and clean up can be. Instead, it encourages us to appreciate how we have groceries in the fridge, a kitchen to cook and clean in, and the opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

What are you going to reframe?

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