Girl Scout Cookie Opportunity

I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence as a Girl Scout.

With that came the famous “Cookie Season” as we would call it.

For 6 to 8 weeks between January and April (usually) Girl Scouts embark on their efforts to sell as many boxes of cookies as possible.

I have fond memories of my Grandpa Bob waking me around my neighborhood so I could knock on doors and ask my unsuspecting neighbors if they’d like to buy a box…or two…or three.

Cookie season isn’t only a way for Girl Scouts to work towards a common goal, but it is an opportunity for them to raise funds for their troop (activities, projects, etc.)

I am writing this blog post to share a bit about Troop 6000.

I first heard about Troop 6000 on Facebook, as a former co-worker shared information about the troop and how they were approaching cookie season this year.

Troop 6000 was founded in 2017 to serve girls in the New York City shelter system. Growing from 20 scouts to over 600 scouts and volunteers, Troop 6000 is making an incredible impact.

This year, Troop 6000 is providing an opportunity to buy Girl Scout Cookies online!

Here is the link:

While shipping may be a tad pricey depending on your distance from NYC, you can rest assured knowing you’re supporting the scouts of Troop 6000.

What cookies will you be buying?

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