Dear Little Brother

He would hate me if he knew I was posting this.

My little brother (4 years younger to be exact) just went back to Fort Benning to finish Basic Training for the Army after being home for ~2.5 weeks for holiday leave.

Him leaving, with no guarantee that we will see him when he graduates in April, is surreal.

Not only is it crazy to think my little brother (who I still perceive as a baby in my eyes) is becoming a US Army solider, but it is even more crazy to think of how quickly time has passed.

While our childhood felt long in hindsight, it seems like once we all hit high school time started to move at 10x speed. Thinking about how fast time is moving makes me profoundly sad.

Putting my emotions aside, I could not be more proud of him.

He is a quiet, reserved person.

He is conscientiousness and dutiful.

He has always had a strong sense of right versus wrong.

He is incredibly, almost brutally, straightforward.

He loves history, eating protein of all kinds, XBox, Star Wars, and our family dog, Gunner.

I’m going to miss him so much.

It’s wild to think he could be deployed in another country this time next year.

Above anything, I pray for his safety and security at all times.

I also pray that this experience is a positive, enriching one for him.

I also pray that he meets kind, friendly people.

And lastly, I pray that he always knows…with absolute certainty…that he has 5 people (and a dog and a cat) that love him beyond words and wish nothing but the best for him.

I wish him all the good energy in the world as he embarks on this new chapter.

You got this, little brother.

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