My Zoom Essentials

Fall 2020 was the first time I went to school via Zoom. While starting law school 100% online had its challenges, here are some products that helped with the transition.

Reliable Laptop

MacBook Air (2017) review: An old friend shows its age - CNET

Having a reliable laptop is an essential for all things Zoom. So long as the laptop is reasonably fast, has a fair amount of storage, and a solid battery life, you are good to go. Personally, I invested in a 2017 MacBook Air my senior year of college and it has been wonderful thus far. In particular, I appreciate that the 2017 model has USB ports and does not require additional adapters.

Laptop Raiser

NICEAO Laptop Stand, Aluminum Laptop Stand for Desk, Ergonomic Computer Stand for Laptop, Laptop Riser Compatible with MacBook Air Pro/Lenovo/Dell/HP/More 10-17 Inch PC Notebook, Sliver

I did not purchase a laptop raiser until I was a month into online school. Since then, I have grown to absolutely love it! It raises my laptop roughly 4-5 inches than it normally sits which helps with neck strain from looking down at my laptop. Moreover, for online classes or meetings it keeps the camera at a ~slightly~ more flattering, balanced angle.

HP Monitor/Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter

My boyfriend was kind enough to purchase me a monitor. I was hesitant, as I am normally a minimalist when it comes to tech-y products. Again, like the laptop raiser, I have grown to absolutely love it. By plugging in the Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter from my laptop to my monitor, my laptop screen reflects onto the monitor. With online school, I have a slew of tabs open at any given time so being able to display them across a second monitor is beyond helpful. When on Zoom calls, having the second monitor to display notes or complete quick research is fantastic!

Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, WisFox 2.4GHz Compact Keyboard Mouse Combo, Small Quiet USB Laptop Keyboard Portable Mini Wireless Keyboard for Computer Window PC Notebook (Black)

With a discreet USB plug-in, the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse makes wireless typing and scrolling a breeze. I recommend this combo along with the laptop raiser!

Back Pad

Lumbar Support Pillow Memory Foam Back Support Cushion for Office Chair, Car Seat, Full Posture Corrector Relief Lower Back Pain, Washable Cover

When spending long hours at your desk, taking care of your back is key. This back pad is adjustable and hooks onto the rear of virtually any desk chair. It provides support and cushion that is unbeatable!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and the best of luck with your online school/work endeavors!

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