One Thing At A Time

I am starting law school in less than two weeks.

It still has not hit me that come Monday, August 17, I will be starting the next chapter of my life.

My classmates and I are almost a week into our orientation and things are starting to get real.

Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and recognize the privilege in being able to pursue a legal education during these times.

Another thing I’ve been reminding myself is that we’ll never feel 100% ready nor have the 100% perfect conditions for starting something new.

As much as I wish there was a magical checklist that said “complete before entering law school”, that’s not the case.

I found a quote on Instagram (@shopsundae) that captures this sentiment perfectly:

The aforementioned quote reflects something President Harry S. Truman once said…

“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction”.

Keeping this in mind, I will tackle law school ONE THING AT A TIME.

With anything big, scary, intimidating, etc. all we can do is take the first step…complete the first assignment…start the first project.

My boyfriend likes to say “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Loosely quoted from Desmond Tutu, my boyfriend makes a good point.

Even the most “impossible” of tasks can be achieved by doing one thing at a time.

When I was sitting in my room this past Monday night, gawking at my computer screen as I scrolled through the syllabi and assignments due within the next couple weeks…I felt myself shift into panic mode.

“How will I get this all done?”

“This will be so stressful.”

“What if I can’t handle it and I fail?”

“What if this was all a mistake?”

I started to spiral.

While my initial reaction was to laugh/cry at the workload that lied ahead of me, I knew the only way to curb those feelings of overwhelm was to TAKE ACTION.

I told myself “even if it’s one little thing at a time, I will figure it out”.

Thus, I whipped out my notebook and started writing down what I needed to do.

Sometimes seeing our tasks on paper demystifies them.

It can feel like so much when our tasks are bouncing around in our head, but putting them on paper allows us to see them for what they are and start working towards completing them.

Since that night, I have solidified how I want to spend each day of the week in relation to my classes, readings, and assignments.

I have also been making detailed to-do lists for each day leading up to classes starting to ensure that I accomplish what I need to.

In sum…if you are dealing with something that feels “impossible”, remember to take things one thing at a time.

& Be kind to yourself along the way! If you have the courage to start something, you have it within you to finish it.

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