What To Count

Time for another cliche!

In this time, more than ever, we need to count our blessings, not our problems.

Meg Robbins, in her book The 5 Second Rule, says when your mind “focuses on problems—it magnifies them.”

She goes on to say “the more [you] worry, the more uncertain and overwhelmed [you] become.”

This couldn’t be more true.

Overthinking about our problems can lead to analysis paralysis.

It is completely understandable to feel consumed by our problems at this time.

Many of us have lost our jobs, our livelihoods, our sense of normalcy…

If there is anything we can do to combat the collective anxiety we are all experiencing, it is to count our blessings.

This is not coming from a place of blind optimism or forced positivity, but as a mechanism to preserve hope.

I urge you to, whenever possible, take a deep breath and remember what you do have.

I pray that you have your health, a place to rest your head at night, food in your stomach, access to clean water, etc.

Counting our blessings during this time is critical.

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