There’s a misconception with decision-making.

Making the “right” decision doesn’t always feel like you are, in fact, making the “right” decision.

Sometimes, the “right” decision for us feels uncomfortable, even improbable, at first.

When approaching the biggest decision of my life to date, I thought I would feel 100% aligned with my decision.

Turns out, that wasn’t the case.

I found myself flipping back and forth between decisions, playing out the pros and cons as many times as I could.

Even when I made my decision, I felt nervous.

& Having to make the decision during the COVID-19 situation was not ideal, but it had to be done…

Despite these things, what I learned from this situation is that the “right” decision for you may not always present as the easiest, most comfortable option.

I also learned that we can have all our t’s crossed and i’s dotted, all our research amalgamated, and an immaculate pros and cons list AND still feel unprepared in making a decision.

Why’s that, you may wonder…

It’s because only 1/2 of the decision-making process is the decision itself.

The second half of the decision-making process is how you decide follow through.

It’s the acceptance of your decision, the showing up to the challenge, and working from there.

If you are facing a big decision, I pray for you to have the clarity you need to make it.

But remember, the impact of the decision is up to you.

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