Honoring Our Power

For whatever reason, over the past few years it has felt more natural for me to stay in my little “bubble”…going unnoticed, and preferring it.

While intentional or not, I recognize that these tendencies have ~most likely~ prevented me from embarking on new endeavors and experiencing things.

With law school starting this Fall, I want to do my best to break away from these tendencies and instead, honor my power.

Gosh, does that sound cheesy.

But really, honoring our power doesn’t come from this egoistic, almighty place.

Instead, honoring our power comes from an acceptance of ourselves, a willingness to be vulnerable, and a comfortability with succeeding in the things we put our energy towards.

Let me break it down further..

1. Accepting Ourselves

Accepting ourselves is step one of pretty much anything—accepting our background and biases, accepting our flaws and strengths, and accepting whatever situation we may be in. While it is crucial to accept ourselves, it does not mean to automatically accept the narratives our tell ourselves. Reciting certain narratives without second thought can be limiting. Be aware of the voice in your head and challenge it when neccessary.

2. A Willingness To Be Vulernable

Vulnerability is one of the “scariest” things we can practice. On the other hand, it can be immensely rewarding. Having a willingness to push past our own limits, try new things, and venture into the “unknown” can bring so much good.

3. Comfortability With Succeeding

Own. Your. Successes. So many of us downplay our successes. Because of this, it can make us hesitate to feel like we have succeeded. If we are putting in energy and working hard, we deserve to relish in any success that comes from that. Allow yourself to feel comfortable in “winning” positions. It’s okay to be a superstar at whatever you’re doing…especially if it means a lot to you. This doesn’t mean to start boasting and bragging to any and everyone who will listen, but to become more comfortable having high aspirations and excelling as you achieve them.

How will you start to honor your power? Comment below!

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