Las Vegas (For The Weekend)

From Friday February 20 to Sunday February 22 my boyfriend and I visited Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate his mother’s wedding. Here is a run-down of what we did during our weekend in Sin City.

Friday February 20

We embarked on our road trip from Southern California to Las Vegas around 10am on Friday. After picking up some water bottles, snacks, and deciding on a playlist, we were off. First stop: Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch.

Off Route 66 is Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. Elmer passed away in the Summer of 2019 but this whimsical, impressive art installation lives on in his memory. Elmer made dozens of awesome bottle and metal pipe-based structures.
There were random objects amongst the bottle trees including street signs, wheels, guitars, an old car, a boat, etc.

Next stop: the original Del Taco in Barstow, CA.

I love coming here on road trips to Las Vegas. Del Taco is my favorite fast food chain and I love trying some of the older menu items (like the bun taco) at this location!

After getting to Las Vegas, we went to my boyfriend’s mom’s wedding rehearsal and followed up with a family dinner at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

We didn’t expect to be sitting on the floor when we dined but it turned out to be a really cool experience. It was even cooler to hear that this restaurant was covered by Guy Fieri on his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

Saturday February 21

On Saturday we had some time to kill before the wedding at 5pm. After having breakfast at the Palazzo we walked along the strip. We saw a sign at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville saying it was National Margarita Day so naturally we had to stop for a round (or two).

Who can turn down $4.99 margaritas?

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the wedding! It was a lovely reception and we couldn’t be more happy for the newlyweds.

Sunday February 22

We decided to pay $30 to have the hotel room til 3pm so we could explore the strip a little longer. My boyfriend had the wonderful idea of riding “The High Roller”…the highest Ferris wheel in the world! At $25 a ticket, we felt it was totally worth it. The ride lasted nearly 30 minutes and gave some great birds-eye views of the strip and surrounding Las Vegas area.

The pods we went in were huge! The maximum capacity was 40 people but luckily only 7 other people were on our ride.
The High Roller is massive.

Before committing to the long-haul, Sunday night traffic we stopped at the Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Not only is it a great place for pictures, but it is completely free! I will say it was pretty crowded when we went but it was a cool sight to see.

Pro tip: have another couple take a picture of you and offer one in return!
All smiles before finishing the 5 hour drive home.

Overall we had a lovely time during our weekend in Las Vegas and hope to visit again soon!

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