Flip Your Script

Whether we like it or not, most of us have an “internal monologue”.

An internal monologue is essentially self-talk…

The little voice in our heads that narrate our experiences.

That little voice can be a friend or a foe.

I have noticed that my internal monologue has been leaning more towards the foe side.

My internal monologue has been overwhelmingly negative…stricken with anxious, depressive, ruminative, and downright unhappy tones.

While I know I have control over my internal monologue, it is easier said than done.

Moving forward, I want to start “flipping the script”.

Our internal monologues aren’t set-in-stone, unshakable things.

They can be modified to be more beneficial to us.

“Flipping the script” is not an overnight occurrence.

It is something that takes consistency, and practice.

As soon as we feel ourselves drifting back into negative thought patterns we must replace them with neutral patterns (opposed to forced positive, disingenuous ones).

Here’s an example of flipping the script:

Scenario: Your boss asks you to stay an extra hour at work to finish a project.

Old way of thinking: Of course they would pick me, I am passive and can never say no.

Flipping the script: I have the time, I will work and get it done.

Forced positive, disingenuous ones: Maybe they think I am better than my coworkers and will do this better! This will be an amazing experience!

See the difference between the old way, the “flipped script”, and the forced one?

The old way gives permission for sulking, sadness, and self-pity.

The flipped script takes a rational, neutral approach to a minor setback instead of catastrophizing.

The forced one is lackluster in that it does not foster actual good feeling, but disguises it through egotistical, blind optimism.

How will you flip the script?

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