6 Products To Help Keep Your Car Clean

For many of us, the car is a place we spend a large amount of time.

Whether its commuting to and from work, running errands, or traveling, our car is prone to getting unorganized and frankly…dirty.

The products below can help keep your car clean with little to no effort!

1. An over-the-seat trash bag

Car Trash Can Garbage Bag - Organizer Interior Accessories Waste Basket Bin Best for Hanging Font on Back Seat Auto Litter Container - Vehicle Bags Cans Holder for Automotive Cars SUV Truck Mini-Van

I use one similar to this and it has been a godsend! I hang it over the back of my passenger seat and it comes in handy every.single.day. Whether its tossing away a granola bar wrapper, tissues, etc. this allows me to keep all of my trash in one place (and not in random places in my car).

2. Silicone cupcake liners

Cup holders in cars can be notoriously yucky. Between coffees, teas, juices, etc. they are bound to get sticky! Not to mention, they often become home to crumbs and loose change. I saw a wonderful hack online that suggested using silicone cupcake liners to provide a barrier between your “junk” and the actual cupholder itself. I haven’t tried this one yet but when I do, I will purchase black ones to blend better against my black cupholders.

3. Febreeze

Image result for febreze

While pretty self-explanatory, I have found that keeping a bottle of Febreeze in my car helps tremendously with the strange odors that can arise from eating meals in my car, going to the gym, letting my dog in the car…you get the point. HOWEVER…if you try this, try to avoid spraying directly onto seats/parts of your car and aim up towards the ceiling. Sometimes I like to spray it in the trunk in hopes the good scent carries forward. Also, it is smart to crack all 4 windows and let it air out a little after spraying it.

4. Napkins

Image result for fast food napkins

If you don’t already, take advantage of the generous amounts of napkins drive thrus hand out. I like to keep mine in the center console and they come in handy whenever I spill coffee, need to wipe something down, or run out of tissues.

5. A cheap throw blanket

Image result for flannel throw blanket

This one is a tad dependent on your personal style, but in my back seat (which doesn’t get sat in often) I have a cheap throw blanket spread across all three seats. I folded it length-wise twice so it rests atop the seats itself. As a frugal alternative (Walmart sells them for $2) to the hundred dollar plus actual seat covers, the throw blanket provides a psuedo-barrier for whatever I toss in the back seat…grocery bags, backpacks, etc.

6. A crate

Image result for sterilite crate

The trunk of your car can accumulate clutter quite easily. Most of the time it’s “out of sight, out of mind”, but using the space purposefully can be a game changer. Keeping a crate in your trunk can be perfect for keeping emergency roadside kits, first-aid kits, an extra pair of shoes, water bottles, snacks, etc. should you need them. Moreover, it creates a more “neat” aesthetic compared to those aforementioned things being scattered across your trunk.

Let me know if you try any of these out! What are some of your tricks to keeping your car clean? Comment below!

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