2019: My Year In Review

With the first (full) week of 2020 coming to a close, I wanted to share my 2019 with you! Filled with many ups and downs, 2019 was one for the books.


My 2019 started off with a trip to Crestline, CA with my family. We spent time walking around Lake Gregory, having brunch at the local Crestline Cafe, and enjoyed quality time together.

That following week I attended one of my coworker’s baby showers!

At the end of the month, my boyfriend and I went to see BAS in concert at the Observatory Orange County. It was a super fun night!


In February, I took my mom to a Justin Timberlake concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA as a late Mother’s Day gift (the original concert date in November 2018 got moved to February 2019 because JT was sick).

The end of February was spent prepping for mine and my boyfriend’s planned trip to Oahu, HI in early March. Hence the scuba mask.


Kicking off March 1st was a morning spent at LAX and spending WAY too much money on an airport brunch. Beware.

Once we landed in Hawaii, we started our exploration of the island. We had a short trip…just under 4 days…and definitely made the most of it. My favorite memories were hiking Diamond Head State Monument, going to the local farmer’s market and trying fresh pineapple juice, and driving around the island in a top-down Jeep.

Later in March we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday at one of our favorite teppanyaki places, Shogun, in Temecula, CA.

As part of my birthday present to him, we went ziplining at Skull Canyon Ziplines. It was a short, quick trip but loads of fun thanks to our tour guides. It was extra beautiful because we went during the time of the famous superbloom (when all the wildflowers show their gorgeous colors).

I also celebrated my mom’s birthday at the end of March. My sister and I took her to the Anaheim Packing House in Anaheim, CA for brunch then showered her with gifts at our house.


In April of 2019 I turned the big 2-1. However, the month of April hosts mine and my two sisters birthdays as well.

My family took another trip to Crestline, CA to celebrate my sisters’ birthdays. I love going to the mountains. When we were younger, our grandparents lived in Big Bear, CA…so going to the mountains is wildly nostalgic. This time, we hiked to “heart rock”, as shown in the movie “Creep” (which is definitely creepy if you choose to watch it).

For my birthday surprise, my parents graciously planned a 3 day Mexican cruise for me, my boyfriend, and my parents to go on. It was loads of fun! I will say…since I was finishing up my last semester of undergraduate I was a ~little~ stressed while on the cruise, but my boyfriend and parents made sure I had fun. Once we we docked in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, we took a tour bus to the coast, tasted craft tequila, devoured Ensenada’s famous fish tacos, and saw “La Bufadora” (a marine geyser/blowhole that shoots up water hundreds of feet in the air).


In May I attended my boyfriend’s sister’s baby shower.

Later that month, I had my little sister come along with me to campus to take some graduation pictures (low budget haha). They came out nice! I actually just went to get a more “professional” picture taken this month (only 7 months late but who’s counting).

I also attended my Honors graduation. I was in the University Honors Program for undergraduate. While in this program, I took an additional 15 units of Honors exclusive courses, completed a 6 unit undergraduate thesis, and attended numerous Honors exclusive events. I am forever grateful for what the program exposed me to and taught me.

On May 23, 2019 I became the first in my immediate and extended family to go straight from high school to a 4 year college and graduate (I actually graduated in 3 years but you get the point). It was a very special and memorable day for me. All of my hard work culminating in the way it did was fufilling. After my graduation, I went out to brunch with my parents and later that day, went out to dinner with my family.


Nothing super crazy happened in June, but since I was legal, I went to Ballast Point in Long Beach, CA with my parents!


Back to Crestline, CA for the 3rd time! This time we were there for my dad’s Clamper (a fraternal organization my dad has been a member of for 7+ years) parade he was a part of. We also squeezed in another hike while there.

Despite living in Southern California my whole life, I seldom go to the beach (despite it being a 15-20 minute drive). I know, I know. It’s strange. Anywho, my boyfriend and I went to one of our favorite beaches this month…Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach, CA. It’s not actually 1,000 steps but can feel like it! Be careful going if you have small children or elderly people with you, it is not easily accessible.

Near the end of July, my boyfriend and I met up with one of my old friend’s at the Orange County Fair. With all the yummy food and the infamous ferris wheel, we had a fun time! If you go, make sure to take the OC Fair Express (a bus that takes you straight to the front gates) to save $ on tickets and parking.

It was also in late July that I started my LSAT studying. Since I elected to take a gap year and start law school in 2020 instead of 2019, I made sure to start studying as soon as possible to get my applications in by Novemeber/December.


August was a pretty mellow month besides the LSAT studying I was doing on a daily basis. In addition to taking an in person class, I purchased addiitonal textboooks, made a comprehensive study plan, and basically lived at the Huntington Beach Central Library.

One fun part of August was riding the ferris wheel in Long Beach, CA near the pike with my family. We were shocked that they let all 6 of us on one! We were praying it wouldn’t break off mid-ride.


In the beginning of September, my boyfriend and I went to his mom’s fiance’s daughter’s wedding in Menifee, CA. It was a lovely wedding! Congrats again to Breann and Thomas.

During this month my boyfriend and I had a nice date night at Dos Lagos in Corona, CA. We went out for sushi then walked around the area.

On September 21 I took the first LSAT of my new application cycle AND celebrated my dad’s birthday.

At the end of September, my boyfriend and I went on a quick trip to San Diego, CA. We went to the farmer’s market (which had super cute complimentary blankets to sit on and umbrellas for shade) and accidentally went to a bunny festival (yes, you’re reading that right).


The beginning of October was extremely sad…my family’s beloved Rottweiler Rocky passed away on October 3. He was 10-11 years old, so he did live to the average expectancy for Rottweilers but it was still devestating nonetheless. He had the sweetest soul and was such a great protector of our family. My full length blog post on his passing can be found here.

October was also the month where my boyfriend started his new job! While it requires travel 75% of the time, it has been a great move for his career and we have adjusted to our new normal very well. As a celebration for him landing the job, we went out to Solita in Huntington Beach, CA for happy hour.

As a coping mechanism for losing Rocky, I started walking my family’s other dog, Gunner, more. It has been nice to give him more attention in spite of losing his brother.


My brother turned 18 this month! I can’t believe 2/3 of my siblings are adults. Where. Did. The. Time. Go.

In mid November I was lucky enough to get a weekend off of work and visited Ryan in Colorado. He’s staying in a rural town an hour and a half away from Denver, CO but we went to Denver for a day/night to check out the city. We went to a rooftop and a fancy shamancy dinner on Saturday then explored the RiNo art district, went to the Denver Central Market, rode Lime scooters all throghout the city, went for a walk near the Colorado river/Five Points, got some amazing ramen (and $1 hot sake), then hung out at a Starbucks before I flew home Sunday night. I was sooooo thankful to spend that time with him.

Another exciting thing in November was touring and interviewing at a law school I am interested in! It was an emotional experience seeing my efforts come to fruition.

Later in November I attended a super fun Friendsgiving hosted by my coworkers Noel and Jen. It was a blast and the food was AMAZING. I made cranberry brie bites as an appetizer. It’s now my go-to for holiday get togethers.

On Thanksgiving Day I was scheduled at work (restauraunt life) in the monring then came home in the afternoon for my family’s dinner. My dad got called to work an hour before dinner was done, which was unfortunate.


To be completely honest, this holiday season was heavy for me. I did not feel particularly “cheery” or “spirited”. To top it off, I got bronchitis on Christmas Eve. Fun stuff.

Despite that, I had a wonderful Christmas Day dinner with my family (is there anything better than mashed potatoes and creamed corn?).

Since my boyfriend was home for the holidays, he planned a surprise trip to San Diego, CA. I went into detail on this blog post.

To return the suprise, I got my boyfriend and I Roddy Ricch concert tickets! It was part of his Christmas present. We went to see his show at the Hollywood Paladium. We got great parking and had a fun time!

Ringing in 2020…holy moly. It felt surreal to be welcoming the new year and DECADE. To do so, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner with another couple we know at one of our favorite Italian restaurants (Angelo’s in Menifee, CA) then went to Coin-Op (a super cool, retro-theme arcade bar) in Old Town Temecula before watching the “grape drop” (how Temecula can you get) at 11:59pm.

We were home by 1230am. Solid night.

On that note, HAPPY 2020 Y’ALL! I hope this year brings peace and prosperity to you and yours.

What were some of your favorite moments of 2019? Comment below!

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