What To Do When You’re In A “Funk”

I felt very “OFF” this week.⁣

I was on edge.⁣

I was irritable.⁣

I was complaining a lot.⁣

I was negative.⁣

I was feeling hopeless at times. ⁣

It made me think: how can I possibly make this any less painful on those around me?⁣

Here’s some things I do when I’m feeling “OFF”:⁣

✖️Communicate what I’m feeling to others so they’re aware (ex. “I’ve been feeling so weird this week!”⁣)
✖️Apologize for my mood and/or attitude (not that I have to, but out of respect for them and their feelings)⁣
✖️Speak less, listen more (to avoid saying anything negative or something I don’t mean) ⁣
✖️Have patience with myself (because even though these “funks” are annoying, they too, will pass)⁣

Whenever you’re feeling “off”, understand that a little self-awareness, acknowledgement of others feelings, and consideration can go a LOOOOOOONG way.

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