How I’ve Improved My Sleep

I’ve had a rocky relationship with sleep.

It’s often hard for me to shut my brain off at night…it’s usually the time where I start reflecting on the day, thinking about the future, etc.

Because of this, the past few years it wasn’t uncommon for me to fall asleep around 130am/2am every night.

As a result, I’d often wake up foggy and lethargic before heading to class or work.

Only VERYYYYY recently have I been getting better sleep.

Here’s how I improved it:

1. Cutting off caffeine after 3pm

As someone who developed a caffeine dependence because of college, I love my cup (or two) of coffee. However, I noticed that whenever I had coffee later in the day, it would keep me up at night. Cutting off caffeine (coffee, tea, or otherwise) after 3pm (roughly 8 hours before I go to sleep) has helped a ton! If I get the craving, I can always opt for decaf.

2. Taking a warm shower

I always shower after getting home from work but even if I’m off, I like to take a quick (under 5 minutes) warm shower before bed. Washing off the “day” and getting clean before slipping into pajamas helps me relax.

3. Making my bed and spraying lavender essential oil

Is it a known thing that everyone sleeps better in a made bed? If not, definitely try it out. After I make my bed, I like to spray a lavender essential oil. This one I got from Target specifically facilitated restful sleep.

4. Sleeping with a WEIGHTED blanket

I had wanted a weighted blanked for longer than I could remember. When this one went on sale at Target, I had to grab it. It’s only 12 pounds (a little light for my weight) but it makes all the difference. I notice I don’t toss and turn as much as I used to. I have also been having more vivid dreams which makes me think I’m getting more “deep sleep” because of it.

5. Wearing an eye mask

Pretty straightforward, but keeping the light out of my eyes and having the pressure of the eye mask on my eyes has helped me fall asleep WAY quicker.

6. Praying

As of late, I’ve been praying to the universe before going to bed. Instead of letting my mind wander and being up for hours, I’ve found that praying for my family, SO, and friends as well as expressing gratitude not only makes me fall asleep quicker, but ends the day on a positive and wholehearted note.

What are some of the ways you facilitate proper sleep? Comment below!

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