From Attachment to Appreciation

The second noble truth of Buddhism warns that “the origin of suffering is attachment.”

When we practice APPRECIATION over ATTACHMENT, we acknowledge the temporary nature of things in life—and life itself.

People, places, things, etc. may be temporary, but they are essential to the development of our “story”. ⁣

Take a moment to reflect…think of all the people who have been on your path.⁣

From peers in grade school to sports teammates to coworkers…⁣

Now think of all the places you’ve been.⁣

For work, for play, etc. ⁣

And lastly, think of the things you once had. ⁣

Things that brought you joy, comforted you, etc. ⁣

Isn’t it amazing how important those people, places, and places were in your life at one point? ⁣

Isn’t it amazing how those things no longer being in our lives has created room for new things?

Sometimes the universe knows exactly what we need at the times we need it. ⁣

It’s okay to mourn what is no longer with us.

But remember—attachment=suffering.

Appreciate what you had. Appreciate what it did for you. Appreciate what it taught you.

Now shift that appreciation to what’s in your life right now…and instead of becoming attached to it, simply enjoy it for what it is.

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