Work For, Not Against, Yourself

It’s becoming more and more clear to me how important it is to WORK FOR, not against, YOURSELF.⁣

Looking back, I have recognized how many times I was the source of my own stress!!!⁣

Letting self-doubt, anxious thoughts, and excessive worrying plague my mind only held me back from showing up as my best self.⁣

This week, when I had a semi-stressful thing to do, I kept reminding myself—⁣

“Be your own friend through this”,⁣

“Have your own back”,⁣

“Be your own source of comfort”,⁣


“Be kind to yourself.”⁣

As a result, I was able to show up as a calm, cool, and collected version of myself instead of being frazzled, anxious, and stressed-out.⁣

Some things that helped me were:⁣
💨 Taking big, deep, satisfying breaths to calm down⁣
🗣 Repeating affirmations that built confidence in order to keep “cool” energy flowing ⁣
🤝 Thinking nice thoughts in order to stay collected ⁣

Whatever you’re going through, or whatever big steps you’re taking, remember to work FOR yourself. ⁣

Be your own cheerleader…⁣

Be your own safe space…⁣

Be your own inspiration…

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