Resist Resistance

Sounds like an oxymoron, right?⁣

Let me explain a little…⁣

Resistance—fighting back the pain, trauma, and regret of the past only leads to…well…more pain and trauma.⁣

The buildup of “unfelt” emotions can lead to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and so on.

It is healthy, from an emotional, mental, and physical standpoint, to stop resisting what you have gone through.

It may be uncomfortable to confront the heaviness of whatever you’re resisting…but it is absolutely, 150 perecent necessary. ⁣

Taking time to sit through whatever you’re resisting, allow it space, let it air out, feel the feelings that come with it, and attempt to make peace is a POWER MOVE. ⁣

We have to acknwoledge that the person we were, the people that were in our lives, the things we had to go through, etc. all served some greater purpose.

Maybe the person you were has led you to change for the better.

Maybe the people in your life taught you what you don’t want from a relationship, friendship, mentor, etc.

Maybe the things you had to go through were part of the universe’s effort to make you a more resillient, open-minded individual.

Whether it was a blessing, or a lesson, each part of our lives is important.

We can’t erase parts of our lives, even if we want to. ⁣

Making peace with them, however, is possible.

Making peace can enable us to release some of that heaviness, to free ourselves from the WEIGHT that comes with pain, trauma, and regret.

If you feel yourself resisting certain feelings, memoties, or experiences, give yourself grace and let yourself experience the full range of emotions that come with it.

Get angry. Punch your pillow if you have to.

Get sad. Cry if you have to.

Get upset. Scream if you have to.

It may be awkward at first, but letting yourself experience the full range of emotions that come with our past is Step #1 of healing from them.

Whatever you are going through, I send you peace, comfort, and healing.

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  1. peace, comfort, and healing received. Thank you for this post.

    Resistance really can be burdensome and it can also mean resisting your own happiness because you fear to do the things that will make you happy. Acceptance and surrender in the end is the key.


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