You’ll Never Be “Ready”

The funny thing about approaching change is that you can never be 100% ready for it.

No amount of preparation or planning will suffice.

It may sound scary, but it’s something to embrace. 

We can try our best to prepare and plan…

We tell ourselves:

“I’m not going to pursue a degree until it feels right”,

“I’ll start my business once I have XYZ saved”,


“I’ll wear this outfit once I am 10 pounds lighter”.

Living in this conditional (if this, then that) mindset can prevent us from taking massive action that can benefit our lives RIGHT NOW. 

Half of the battle with any “scary” thing—whether it’s pursuing a degree, starting a business, wearing a tight fitting outfit, etcetera—is what happens AFTER the fact. 

Yes, you could do all you can to prepare to pursue your degree, but the real work comes from being in the situation, committing wholeheartedly to the challenge, and showing up each and every day as your best self.

Yes, you could save $$$$$ to start your buisness, but the real grinding starts when you launch your product/website/etc.

Yes, you could eat clean and workoout to squeeze into that outfit, but maintaining that confidence in the outfit is what’s important!

Here’s the thing…

If we keep telling ourselves that we need to be in a certain mindset, have a certain amount of funds, or look/feel a certain way, we are wasting time that could be directed towards JUST STARTING.

We’ll never be 100% ready for anything.

It is noble to prepare and plan to the best of our abilities, but have courage and trust that you can do whatever you’re seeking out to do, right now.

Maybe your circumstances aren’t perfect, but you can start that degree.

Maybe you’d like to have a few thousand more saved, but you can start that business.

Maybe you’d like to weigh a little less, but you can rock that outfit right now.

The more we put things off, the more time we waste.

And time is fleeting.

Do what you want while you can.

And above anything, trust yourself.

Have the courage to tackle change and practice resilliency. 

Yes, it may be difficult at first.

You may fail a few times before it works out.

But you just have to start. 

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