Pace Yourself

For most of my life, I put myself on a rushed timeline.

I was always obsessing over the next thing to look forward to.

In high school, I couldn’t wait til college.

Once I got to college and realized I could graduate in three years if I played my cards right, I did everything I could to get done as soon as possible.

Towards the end of college, I set my sights on attending law school the Fall after I graduated.

Despite getting into schools with scholarship offers, I decided it would be better to take a gap year, reapply, and begin the following Fall.

At first, I loathed this decision.

It was tough not having anything to immediately look forward to.

However, these past 4-5 months of my gap year have taught me so much.

Mostly, about PACING MYSELF.

I saw a quote on Instagram the other day:

Sometimes slowing down is a power move. Pace is proof of maturity.


Reading that struck me, quite honestly.

It spoke to me.

Why? Because slowing down reallllly CAN be a power move.

I have been used to the go-go-go lifestyle pretty much since I was in elementary school.

Juggling school, sports, extracirriculars, etc. kept me pretty busy.

While I enjoyed what I was doing, being that busy has made it feel like my life has gone by quickly.

Being so wrapped up in my committments led me to always look to the next thing to do, never really engaging with the present and cherishing moment.

Now that my pace has slowed, and I am focusing my attention on my law school applications, working, and spending time with loved ones.

Now more than ever, I feel a sense of balance.

Pacing yourself is proof of maturity.

I no longer obsess over the next thing to look forward to.

I no longer want things to go by ‘fast’.

I now understand that we should all be walking life, not running it.

I now understand that the slow, small, seemingly unimportant moments are what combine to make our lives what they are. I cherish them now.

Moving forward, I want to enjoy each phase and season of my life for what it is. Not thinking of what’s next. Not wishing it away. Instead, honoring it. Practicing gratitude for it.

If you’re reading this and feel like your pace is off, take a step back, take a deep breath, remind yourself of your prioritize, and SLOOOOOOOW down.

There’s no rush.

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