Rest In Peace Rocky

On October 3, 2019, my family’s beloved Rottweiler, Rocky, passed away.

We adopted Rocky when he was a few years old in 2012, the same year my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. Getting Rocky brought my family loads of joy during a really tough time.

Rocky had experienced having a Rottweiler brother named Fritz, a German Shepard sister named Ava, and lastly, a pit bull mix brother named Gunner.

Through it all, Rocky lived up to the wonderful things about the Rottweiler breed. He was good-natured, devoted, calm, and fearless.

While gentle and sweet to my family and I, Rocky was a fierce protector towards anyone else who came in the vicinity of our home.

I recall one night when my boyfriend was over at the house and we let Rocky inside. Rocky wasted no time and jumped up on the couch, sitting right next to my boyfriend. Rocky puffed out his chest and made it known that he would protect me.

Rocky loved eating. I know you aren’t supposed to feed dogs human food, but we couldn’t help letting Rocky eat leftover meat from barbecues. We would toss a hot dog or piece of steak in the air, and he’d gulp it down before we had a chance to throw another one.

Rocky had the sweetest eyes. There was something so special about looking into them. They were so reassuring and loving.

Despite being a 130+ pound, scary-looking Rottweiler, Rocky was an absolute teddy bear. I often thought he looked like a black bear.

Rocky loved when we would brush him, and pet him just below the neck and near his chest.

His last sibling, Gunner, gave him a run for his money. Gunner, being just a few years old, is full of tenacious energy. He kept Rocky active by making games of “catch” more competitive and always fighting for attention.

Regardless, Rocky was, and will always be, the most meaningful pet I have ever had.

I am thankful I got to spend time with him the day before he passed away. Brushing him, letting him play with one of his favorite tennis balls, sneaking him some turkey from the fridge, and petting him is something I will cherish.

The thought of him not being on this Earth anymore truly breaks my heart. I know a piece of my heart went with him when he passed away this morning.

I am grateful to know he is no longer in pain, and no longer suffering, but my heart will miss him forever.

It is really hard to look outside the backyard door and only see Gunner run up.

Gunner is an amazing dog, but I know that there will never be a pet as amazing and kind and loyal and sweet as Rocky.

If there really is a dog heaven, I hope with all my heart that Rocky is living a peaceful, restful existence. I hope he is eating all the hot dogs and steak and having an amazing time.

I read somewhere that dogs are so pure that when they pass away, they simply melt back into the light.

I know Rocky has melted back into the light.

I miss you buddy. We all miss you.

I love you. We all love you.

Rest in peace, Rocky.

Melt back into the light sweet boy. We miss and love you Rocky.

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