Prioritizing Perspective

I have a love/hate relationship with the phrase “things could always be worse.”

In many ways, I think it can invalidate struggle and trauma.

Thinking “things could always be worse” can lead us to not fully process, or heal from, the things that negatively impact us.

But in other ways, it serves as an important reminder.

While things could always be better, they could always be worse, too.

However, I do not think thinking “things could always be worse” can apply to everything. At the end of the day, there are some struggles and trauma we cannot simply “reframe”.

When we do prioritize perspective (in thinking “things could always be worse”) we should apply it to small-scale, day-to-day annoyances.

Let’s say you have a HORRIBLE day at work.

Sure, it is unfair that your boss talked to you in that tone.

Sure, it is not right that your coworkers are not kind to you.

Sure, you spent an extra hour there when you could have been at home relaxing.

To prioritize perspective in this situation, I would encourage you to think of neutral thoughts to shift out of frustration into appreciation.

Think: “At least I have a job”. “At least I have transportation to get to that job.” “At least that extra hour will help out with bills.”

The main point of priortizing perspective is to become more selective with the things we emotionally react to.

In life, we will all be hit with annoying, frustrating, uncomfortable, painful, HORRIBLE things…

But we have power…

And that power lies in how we react to those things.

I encourage you to think of the big picture.

Try your best not to let small-scale, day-to-day annoyances get the best of you.

Trust me, I understand that it is easier said than done.

But with practice, you’ll find yourself starting to brush off things faster and by doing so, develop emotional resiliency.

If you’ve prioritized perspective recently, how did you do it? What thoughts did you use to reframe? Comment below!

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