Falling Into Fall

Happy Fall y’all!

As of September 23, we have entered into (in my opinion) the best season of the year.

While here in Southern California we still have 80+ degree days, the crisp air, leaves changing colors (slowly but surely), and stores filled to the brim with orange and black has ushered in the season.

As we “fall into Fall”, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to during the season:

Light alllllll the candles. I’ve been loving this one. And yes, its $3.

Sip on seasonal drinks. The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks is delicious!

Visit a local pumpkin patch. This one is self-explanatory.

Go apple picking in Oak Glen, CA. Riley’s Farm and Willowbrook Apple Farm are great spots.

Binge-watch Halloween movies. IT and Hocus Pocus specifically.

Break out the flannels, sweaters, and turtlenecks. Target and H&M always carry quality, affordable options.

Listen to calming, acoustic music. I have this playlist on a loop.

And most importantly, take time to practice gratitude and set intentions.

Wishing you all a fabulous, fun-filled Fall season!

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