Turning Off Autopilot

As a result of a “busyness”, many of us operate on autopilot.

We eat the same thing for breakfast, take the same route to work, numb out to the same TV show, tell ourselves the same excuse to avoid doing (fill in the blank)…you get the point.

While opearting on autopilot can be beneficial, it can leave us weary of change⁠—change that can bring forth more benefits.

You may be thinking “so, how do I make this CHANGE you speak of”?

Here’s an exercise to find that answer:

  1. Find 3 things you’d like to incorporate into your life
  2. Ask yourself: “are my current habits supporting these things, or taking away from these things?”
  3. For each of the habits taking away from the things you’d like to incorporate into your life, write down 1 way to revise the habit OR consider eliminating the habit

Here’s an example:

  1. John wants to incorporate more family time, exercise, and playing golf into his life
  2. He asked himself the question, and answered honestly
  3. He found that his lack of focus at work meant he had to finish work at home, taking away from his family time. He will revise the habit by putting his phone in a drawer at work to avoid distractions and increase focus. He found that his 2 hour TV binges prevented him from having time to exercise. He will revise the habit by cutting down his 2 hour TV binge to 1 hour, leaving him time to hop on the treadmill. He found that sleeping in on the weekends caused him to miss the majority of golf outings with his pals. He will eliminate sleeping in so he can have time to play as many rounds as his heart desires.

It must be understood that the ability to make the change (as John did above)⁠—and turn off habitual autopilot⁠—first comes from a WILLINGNESS to change.

Your habits should serve you, not prevent you from achieving your ideal reality.

Remember, you have more control than you think.

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