Integrity Turned Inwards

Integrity is thought of as “doing the right thing even when no one’s watching.”

Yes, we shouldn’t steal a fry from someone else’s box on the way home McDonald’s.

Yes, we shouldn’t go on our phones when the boss is away.

Yes, we should tell the cashier that they gave us an extra dollar back.

These external practices of integrity are admirable.

However, we should also practice integrity turned inwards–AKA practicing integrity towards ourselves.

Integrity turned inwards can be as simple as setting and achieving small goals, and as complex as holding ourselves accountable for our shortcomings.

An effective way to practice integrity turned inwards is the former: setting and achieving small goals.

Maybe you want to save an extra $20 per week.

In response, you could set a small goal to pack a lunch for work 2x a week to make up for the $10 Postmates you normally order.

Maybe you want to move your body more.

In response, you could set a small goal of exercising 1 day per week for 30 minutes.

Getting ourselves into the habit of setting, and achieving, goals we set can increase the trust we have in ourselves and our ability to make constructive change.

What is a small goal you’d like to set for the upcoming week?

What is your game plan for achieving it?

If you achieve it, how will you feel?

If you fall short, what changes will you make when you try again?

Comment your answers below.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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