4 OC Walking Trails To Try Out

1. Bolsa Chica Wetlands

In Spring, the flowers are gorgeous!

Nestled between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach, the Bolsa Chica Wetlands is an unexpectedly rustic compliment to the nearby beaches. With multiple paths to take, you can have a different experience each time you go!

Length: Up to 4.5 miles

Tip: Take advantage of free parking at the trailhead

Pro: Close to the beach

Con: Can be “dusty”

2. Quail Hill Trailhead

Photo source: Destination Irvine

Off the San Diego Freeway in Irvine, the Quail Hill Trailhead is a quick, out-and-back trail that overlooks golden brush and wildflowers. I would recommend this trail at sunrise or sunset, as its lack of shade can make it hot during the day.

Length: 1.25 miles

Tip: Wear sunscreen

Pro: Quick, but can be done multiple times for a better workout

Con: Beware of rattlesnakes

3. Nora Kuttner Recreational Trail

Pretty trees!

Tucked back in a residential neighborhood in Fullerton, this trail is slightly paved and involves a few inclines. When we went, it was a tad confusing to find the loop that makes the length 5.4 miles…so this is based off the out-and-back 2 mile trail.

Length: 2 miles

Tip: Take advantage of the shaded areas

Pro: Nice views

Con: Confusing “loop”

4. Mile Square Regional Park

Another pro…super cute squirrels!

A whole square mile (yes, 1 mile per side) makes up this lovely park in Fountain Valley. This park lends itself to a variety of routes, and things to see. Walk through the center to find a duck pond. Stay on the perimeter to see a few wooden bridges. Cut through the side to see playgrounds, baseball fields, and basketball courts.

Length: 4 miles

Tip: Pace yourself, bring a lot of water

Pro: Challenging, but can be made shorter

Con: Watch out for the messes the ducks leave behind

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