Clothes Shopping 101

Shopping for clothes can provoke a range of emotions…

Excitement, disappointment, etc.

In order to avoid a 4 hour endeavor, and to not blow your entire week’s paycheck, it is important to follow the tips below:

1. Have an idea

A surefire way to spend more time, and money, at a store is to go in without a plan. Each shopping trip should have a goal. Maybe it’s a “business casual” shopping trip. Maybe it’s a “Summer clothes/swimsuits” shopping trip. Whatever it is, give yourself some guidelines. This way, you’ll avoid impulse buys.

2. Set a goal

Building off the first tip, after you have your idea for the shopping trip, set a goal for what you’d ideally like to purchase. If you determined it will be a “business casual” shopping trip, establish the pieces you’d like to go home with. For example, you can think: “I would like to purchase one longsleeve blouse, one short sleeve blouse, a skirt OR slacks, and a pair of earrings”.

3. Create a budget

Realistically speaking, create a budget based off of the pieces you’d like to go home with. By capping yourself at a certain number, it can encourage you to avoid over-spending or picking up unnecessary items before the checkout counter.

4. Only buy it if you love it

After your idea, goal, and budget are set in stone, keep this in mind: if you don’ t love it in the fitting room, you aren’t going to love it at home. This is where you have to get strict. If those pants are a tiny bit too short, if that shirt is a little too “blue” for your color scheme, etc. DON’T BUY IT. In order to not regret your purchase, or waste time running back to the store the following week to return it, make sure you actually love the item your purchasing. Once you determine you love it, think of 3 possible ways you can style that item with clothes you already have. If you can, go for it!

5. It’s okay to walk away

Sometimes we go shopping with all the hope in the world, determined to get those items we’ve been eyeing for months. However, there will be days where you end up with nothing. And that’s okay! It is okay to walk away. Don’t force yourself to buy something just because you made the effort to get there. Your money is worth spending on things you love, things that fit correctly, and that can compliment the clothes you already have.

Whats something you’ve purchased recently and loved? Comment below!

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