Impossibility Bias

This past Sunday I posted on the Kind & Kendall Instagram (@kindandkendall) about something that I’ve recognized in my thinking patterns that I am working diligently to depart from.

I have coined it the “Impossibility Bias”.

Depending on our state of mind, and biases, we can perceive things as impossible, or possible.

Here’s a quick example:

You want to lose 5 pounds.

An impossibility bias would trick your mind into thinking “you’ve done everything you could, you could never change your eating habits, you don’t have time to exercise, and you’ll never shed those pounds”.

However, a possibility bias would train your mind into thinking “if I make more nutritious choices for my meals and try to exercise at least once a week, there is a high likelihood positive change will come”.

Seem’s simple right?

But…many of us, including myself, fall into the trap of the impossibility bias.

After awhile, it becomes second nature…leading us to doubt our ability and blame our circumstances on our lack of doing.

Here’s the thing:

We can think of all the ways things could be difficult for us to achieve…⁣


We can start getting creative about the steps we can take—and methods we can employ—to make our visions REALITY. ⁣

Think for a second:⁣

If time, money, commitments, etc. weren’t issues, what’s one thing you’d pursue?⁣

Is it traveling somewhere exotic?⁣

Pursuing a degree? ⁣

Starting your own business?⁣

Volunteering with a cause close to your heart? ⁣

The crazy thing is…and as lofty as it sounds…if you REALLLLLY want something, you can start taking teeny tiny steps towards manifesting it.⁣

Wanting to travel? Start saving your spare change…everyone’s gotta start somewhere.⁣

Wanting to earn that degree? Apply for financial aid and look into online or hybrid options. ⁣

Wanting to start your own business? Social media and platforms like Etsy and Squarespace can allow you to bypass the brick-and-mortar storefront and sell from your home!⁣

Wanting to volunteer? Research! Connect with others in your area. ⁣

While things aren’t always as “easy” as the aforementioned (as many of us have jobs, bills, families, etc. that take priority), there are people out there with less knowledge and less experience making things happen for themselves!

It sounds grim, but it’s so true!

That Instagram influencer you marvel at only got to that point because they decided to put themselves out there and commit towards creating likable, shareable content.

That business person you admire, driving their Tesla, only got to that point by investing in themselves and their education at some point.

That coffee shop owner you feel jealous of only got to that point because they took a chance, realizing that trying and failing is better than never trying at all.

That person who’s super involved at the local youth club only got to that point because they attended a volunteer training, connected with other volunteers, and made it a habit of donating their time to a higher cause.

In sum…

For change to happen, we all need to shift our mindsets from an “IMPOSSIBILITY” bias to a “POSSIBILITY” bias.⁣

Let’s stop thinking of all the ways things can be challenging…and instead utilize that brain energy to think of all the ways things could happen for us.

With hard work, solid intention, and consistency, teeny tiny steps can turn into the leaps we need to craft the reality we want.

I believe in you! ⁣

What’s something you’d like to achieve? ⁣

Comment below.

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