The Biggest Roadblock

It could be my birth order, as the first born.

It could be my personality, as Type A.

It could be my astrological sign, as a Taurus.

Regardless, I have, and continue to, struggle with perfectionism.

In addition to preferring order and control in my surroundings, my perfectionism quickly shifted to the academic and personal work I was doing.

In some ways, the high standards I’ve held for myself has pointed me in the right direction.

In many other ways, they have made me become self-doubting and anxiety-ridden.

And because of that, I realized perfectionism is the biggest roadblock of development.

To develop is to love and care for yourself throughout every stage, whether it’s personal or professional.

The vision of “a perfect self” (i.e. goal weight, goal amount in the bank account) are simply that…visions.

In and of itself, the “perfect self” suggests an inadequacy with the “current self”. When in fact, there is so much to appreciate and be proud of, right now.

Building off that sentiment, it must be understood that no external circumstance, (Yes, even 10% body fat or $1,000,000 saved), can make you feel better indefinitely.

Instead, accepting and honoring that we grow, expand, and evolve through each and every minute is key.

Another way perfection serves as the biggest roadblock of development is how it prevents you from doing something in fear of it not being your best work.

In all reality, doing something halfway is better than doing nothing at all.

For example, doing half of your to-do list is better than not doing anything on it!

Moreover, trying something and failing the first time (or two, or three) is better than never trying and regretting it later in life.

And with anything, trying leads to learning!

Failing can still be a beneficial things—teaching us how to approach things better the next time!

If we are constantly waiting for the “perfect” external circumstances to rather A) feel better about ourselves or B) get things done, it will NEVER happen.

Learning to embrace imperfection and show up for yourself in imperfect external circumstances is critical to shedding the self-doubt and anxiety that accompanies perfectionism.

But trust me, I’m still working on that too…

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