Poison or Medicine

Pulled from an Instagram quote from @positively present, the picture asked “are you your own poison or your own medicine?”

It’s rare that Instagram quotes stick with me like this one did.

But it did.

In asking myself this question, my answer is often the former.

As someone who has struggled with a Type A personality built on “perfectionism” and planning, this season of my life has forced me outside of those confines.

After a plan I had for over 2 years began to fall through, I shifted to a dark place.

My thoughts were self-critical, regretful, and deprecating.

In this instance, I was my own poison….

& It was only recently that things started to shift.

Keeping that question in mind, I want to move forward in a way that is loving towards myself and my future.

If we are able to pour even a fraction of the care, love, and support we show towards others, into ourselves, then we can make steps towards becoming our own medicine.

Healers of our trauma and builders of the life we want.

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