It’s Okay To Love Your Life

It’s okay for us to love our lives for what they are, right now.

There are countless external pressures suggesting things need to be improved upon or “fixed”.

We are told to lose more weight, have more friends, get another degree, make more money, etc. constantly!

But, when it comes down to it, none of those things will make us love our lives any more if our mindsets stays the same!

What drove me to write about this topic was my recent 21st birthday.

I reflected on all the years I spent HATING things about my life: where I was from, how I looked, the job I worked, the car I drove, etc.

I was always looking for ways to improve things.

It left me feeling constantly in conflict with the present.

I spent my downtime ruminating about the past and worrying/planning for the future.

Never appreciating the phase of life I was in.

Upon turning 21, I was hit with the heavy realization that so many things have already passed me by: childhood with extended family, playing team sports, high school milestones (getting my drivers license, going to prom, etc.), and soon, my college experience.

I also realized that if I continue to not appreciate the phase of life I am in, time will continue to fly by and I will be left in a cycle of feeling unfulfilled.

This phase of life I am in is not what I had imagined it to be.

At the beginning of the year, I was 99% sure of what my life would look like at this point in time.

That pesky 1% came out of nowhere.

Now, as I return to the drawing board, ready to explore what my next step will look like, I want to approach it first with the absolute commitment to LOVING MY LIFE…

Regardless of what happens.

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