21 Things I’ve Learned In My 21 Years

In no particular order, here is an amalgam of personal, practical, and funny things I’ve learned in my 21 years of life.

  1. Always err on being too early for things rather than exactly on time
  2. Check the to-go or fast food order before you leave the establishment
  3. Saying “I’m sorry” costs so little and can show the other person you acknowledge their feelings
  4. Saying “thank you” costs so little and can show the other person you appreciate them
  5. Self-confidence is tricky, but is the key to everything
  6. Coffee’s best with a splash of cream
  7. Don’t drink coffee after 2pm or you won’t fall asleep
  8. Writing is a cheaper alternative to therapy
  9. Relationships with others are what make life great
  10. Being open and responsive to criticism is beneficial
  11. Always have water within reach, it’s the ultimate neutralizer and staying hydrated helps everything
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  13. Doing something halfway is better than not doing it at all
  14. Set small, realistic goals…being overly ambitious can lead to burnout
  15. Work out/exercise because you love your body and want to celebrate what it can do, not because you want to shrink or change it
  16. Warm showers are best for relaxing before bed, cold showers are best for energizing in the morning or afternoon
  17. Perfecting the 20 minute nap is a skill everyone should have
  18. Managing your technology helps you be in charge of it, not the other way around (emails, social media, etc.)
  19. Know when to say no, but also don’t be afraid of saying yes if that thing can spark joy
  20. Outer order, inner calm
  21. Be grateful to be here

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