How I Stay Organized

With a Type A personality, organization is the one thing that grounds me.

In this post I will be sharing how I stay organized with my: SCHEDULE, SCHOOL, and SPACE.


I have always relied on my planner to get me through each week.

However, buying a new planner inspired me to completely reevaluate how I plan out my months, weeks, and days.

Now, I use 5 tools for organization:

  • A wall calendar
  • A monthly planner (snagged one from Target for $1)
  • A weekly planner
  • A daily to-do list
  • Reminders via Google Calendar

Before the start of each month, and when necessary, I update my wall calendar and monthly planner to have a “bird’s eye view” of what’s to come that month…this includes anything from due dates for school to shifts at work.

On Sunday (or Monday) of each week, I fill in my weekly planner with the big “to-do’s” of each day. I read an article that advised keeping to-do lists at a maximum of 7 items. I am not completely sold on that tidbit of advice

Taking it one step further, each morning I make a detailed to-do list with everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that needs to get done that day.

To supplement my calendar, planners, and to-do list, I utilize Google Calendar to have a digital collective of my “to-do’s”. Accessible from my laptop and phone alike, Google Calendar allows me to see my day in “chunks” and set reminders for 30 minutes before each event.


Staying organized amongst my school, work, and personal life is quite the balancing act.

When I plan out my school weeks and school days, I refer back to my master “due date” list I make at the beginning of each semester. I mentioned this in a previous post but can not say enough about how helpful it is to see a breakdown of each month and week.

After seeing what I need to work on for the week (and often the next week), I break it down day by day. Based on the amount of time I have in-between class and work (or other commitments), I plan what I need to do based on its due date and level of importance.

Moreover, setting small, realistic expectations for my productivity has been incrementally beneficial.


My space, constituting my bedroom and car, is my refuge.

Therefore, I enjoy keeping it tidy and minimalistic.


Since it is the epicenter of the room, I make my bed every. single. morning. It is one thing I can’t leave the house without doing. It makes everything else look nicer and nothing’s better than coming home to made bed after a long day.

I also try my best to keep my surfaces as clear and straightforward as possible. I limit my bedside table to only having my phone stand, skincare, medication, and vitamins on it. I limit my dresser to only having a framed picture, bookshelf, jewelry dish, and candle on it. I limit my desk to only having a framed picture, decorative globe, succulent plant, and word board on it. I limit my shelf to only having a framed picture, Himalayan salt lamp, flowers, and a marbled box on it. I limit my coffee table to only having my Keurig, two mugs, and my Google Home Mini on it (I keep my k-cups, ground coffee, tea bags, and other cups below it in a bin).

I’m blessed to have a decent amount of storage space in my closet, so I take advantage of that. Less truly is more when it comes to the visual stimuli in my bedroom.

Side note: I usually block out a day every two weeks to clean my surfaces and dispose/donate any unnecessary things I have accumulated.


I spend A LOT of time in my car.

Because of that, it is important to me to keep it clean.

In addition to going to the car wash once a week, I love to use these wipes to keep my surfaces, nooks, and crannies clean.

Moreover, I love to use this portable, plug-in vacuum for any hard to reach spaces. and this behind the seat trash bag.

That’s it for me, how do you stay organized? Comment below!

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