January 2019 Favorites

Here are my current favorites!


  • Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Face Primer Matte This primer is not only under $5, but also cruelty-free. A little goes a long way and keeps my oily skin at bay.
  • Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15 This moisturizer has no artificial colors, perfumes, or harsh chemicals. So far it has quelled the itchy, tight feeling my skin gets in Winter.
  • Wet Brush Having long and naturally straight hair, I got into the habit of washing it, brushing it ferociously, and heading out the door. However, I didn’t realize how much damage using a normal brush with rigid bristles can have on my hair. After receiving a wet brush from my sister from Christmas, I have noticed a decrease in frizziness and split ends.
  • Remington Pro 1″ Flat Iron This isn’t the exact one I use but a flat iron under $30 that does the job will catch my attention any day! I bought a Remington flat iron on a whim before Christmas. I normally don’t use a lot of heat on my hair, but after applying a heat protectant, this flat iron delivers a smooth, sleek look. Remington flat irons also have tourmaline in them, which helps with shine.


  • T-Shirt Lightly Lined Wireless Bra I’m not one to shop at Victoria’s Secret often but when I came across this bra during the first day of their Semi-Annual Sale (I didn’t even realize it was going on the day I was there) for $15. Repeat. $15. I had to snag it. Trying it on in the fitting room sealed the deal. It is legitimately the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.
  • Teddy Jacket This isn’t the exact one I have…but I have been loving my teddy jacket! I had been eyeing one for a while but never pulled the trigger on buying one. I got one from my mother on Christmas and have been LIVING in it!


  • Sea Salt Coconut Chesapeake Bay Candle I initially bought this candle because A) it was 13oz for $7 and B) it was part of their Pure Naturals line. Since buying it, I have fallen in love with the subtle, simple scent and how slow-burning it is. I love candles and this has definitely made my top 5.
  • Google Home Mini Whether I’m doing school work, writing for the blog, etc. I love create an ambiance by lighting a candle, turning on my twinkle lights, switching on my Himalayan salt lamp, and most importantly, playing music. Google Home Minis can also serve as a “Siri” type of device (telling you about the weather, traffic, etc.) but I have been loving it as a small-space speaker
  • Lamicall Phone Stand I hate to admit it, but I use my phone A LOT. So, having a mount for it has been awesome. I can set it up on my desk while I’m doing work or have it in a perfect position for charging while I sleep (and for sounding my alarm clock).

What are your favorites for this month? Comment below!

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