The Redefining Kindness Series

Over on Kind & Kendall’s Instagram, I launched the “Redefining Kindness Series”.

Over the course of 2 days, I featured 5 wonderful humans, their definitions of kindness, and their favorite random act of kindness.

Through this series, I was able to highlight and explore the beautiful subjectivity of what being “kind” is and how to show kindness to others.

Below are the head shots and responses of Alyssa, Sinclair, Amanda, Coco, and Kaitlyn.


She defines kindness as: ⁣⁣

“A simple yet overlooked concept—it’s when you care for and are emotionally/mentally aware of others. Kindness can be telling someone they’re beautiful, saying thank you to someone who’s helping you, putting your phone down and giving someone your undivided attention, and so on.”⁣⁣

Her favorite act of kindness is:⁣⁣

Thankful baskets. Alyssa helped make thankful baskets for the homeless this past holiday season. Before Thanksgiving Day she asked her family, friends, and followers for donations to go towards the thankful baskets. As a result, she was able to make 32 thankful baskets to be distributed to the homeless population in her area. Distributing these thankful baskets was kind in relaying a sense of worthiness and humanity to the people who received them. ⁣⁣


He defines kindness as:⁣

“Working to serve the people who need it most. Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s our friends. Sometimes it’s the stranger with nothing to eat.”⁣

His favorite act of kindness is:⁣

Giving—he believes if we can give without hurting or depriving ourselves, that is the ultimate form of kindness. 


Her definition of kindness is:⁣

“Kindness is a way of life—there are so many different ways to express it. It’s being friendly, compassionate, and considerate. It’s thinking of others but also thinking of yourself. It’s smiling at a stranger on the street. It’s helping someone bring their groceries to their car. It’s giving someone a compliment. It’s giving compliments to yourself. It’s treating yourself, and others, with respect. It’s sending someone a text message to see how they are doing. It’s about caring. It costs $0 to be kind, so there’s no excuse not to be.”⁣

Her favorite act of kindness is: ⁣

Paying it forward—whether it’s buying someone’s items for them in line at the store or paying for someone’s coffee before they get to the drive thru window. It’s the little things that can make someone smile that she loves.


She defines kindness as:⁣

“Doing and being good”. ⁣

Her favorite random act of kindness is: ⁣

Talking to strangers on the train. She recounts how one a time a man confessed that the conversation she had with him may have helped save his marriage.⁣


She defines kindness as:⁣

“Kindness represents how you act towards not only others, but to yourself as well. In a world with so many distractions it’s understandably easy to loose track of this concept. This being said, practicing kindness takes conscious effort, and this is okay. Being kind first starts from within. When we can love our mind + body, cherish our thoughts, and actively say kind things to ourselves, we can then spread this outwardly. Breathing, taking a moment, and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes are all acts of kindness.”⁣

Her favorite act of kindness: ⁣

Ultimately, she feels that kindness is flowing with every unique experience. If she had to choose, it would be the chance to make a friend, a loved one, or stranger smile. She thinks this is a universal sign that things are perfectly aligned at that very moment.⁣

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