How Mint Helps Me Save $

Mint, a budget tracker and planner, helps you “take charge of your finances”.

In order to use Mint, you link your checking, saving, and/or credit card accounts to its service.

From there, Mint analyzes your spending habits and generates them into categories such as Auto & Transport, Food & Dining, etc.

While all the categories are useful, one that initially caught my attention  was “Coffee Shops”.

Being a college student with multiple part-time jobs, coffee is a necessity. 

However, after seeing what my seemingly innocent daily coffee added up to at the end of the month, my jaw dropped. 

As a result, I whipped out my Keurig, bought a gallon of almond milk, and started making my coffee at home. 

It seems like a relatively small and inconclusive change, but from it I’ve been able to save $50-60 per month. 

The money I have saved from making my coffee at home has since been allocated towards other expenses, such as gas!

With the new year underway, I will continue to use Mint to take charge of my finances and experience little victories.

Mint is available online and through the App Store.

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