Hello and welcome to Kind & Kendall.

Currently, kindandkendall.com is under construction. 

As mentioned on the “About” page, Kind & Kendall started in 2016 as an anonymous blog, transitioned in 2017 to a public blog, expanded in 2018 to Instagram, and will own its domain in 2019! 

Technically, I already own the domain but it is on another website hosting service. 

After perusing the wonderful features on WordPress, I wanted to have Kind & Kendall hosted by it. 

I will be able to transfer the domain from the previous website hosting service to WordPress in late February/early March 2019. 

In the meantime, I will be building Kind & Kendall’s WordPress presence (an amalgam of my favorite posts from the Wix site it is currently hosted on, my favorite posts from its Instagram, and new posts). 

Thank you for your support and I am beyond excited to bring Kind & Kendall to WordPress. 

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